nates log


>uuuhhhhh idrk how this is supposed to work so im just going to log what happens during each month . . .

jan 13,2022

first enrty here is that this very website was born today at like 8:39 pm !!!!

jan 14, 2022

at 8:30 am the art page is made. plus i messed up the homepage pretty bad

also today i figured out how to align text and change the background color! yay!!!

its 10:57 pm and i created and linked the rest of the pages !! i also listened to moons request by lemon demon a few too many times in a row

i have a wacky craving for whataburger right now uoghggrhgrgrgghhghhrg

jan 20, 2022 !

exactly a week since this site was born !! in this time, i added a blinkies section,

a cool links section, and a lot of new art to the art section!! i am in math class and very tired (woah)

i am listening to oingo boingo and drawing

i wish i could meet neil cicierega. i've made it my ultimate goal to ask him what his

favorite color is because it's really bugging me for some reason?? i also finished a doodle page hehe

i almost started crying bc my math teacher told me off for drawing in class a bit too much and because

of the song feel better by penelope scott

nothing quite like coding on my school laptop in the bus using hotspot from my phone! what must be done must be done i guess

this song. specifically

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